Culture of Dubai

At any one given time, Dubai has always been flocked by hordes of foreign visitors who go there for various reasons. Some go there as their life time dream destination, for trade and investment purposes.

Whatever the reason for one going there, this influx of visitors has greatly influenced the culture of Dubai making it hard to explain it. Dubai is a home to anyone and this can be attested by the ever rising number of third and advanced world people flocking there day by day to work, shop and trade.

It was due to this foreign influence which could not be resisted that saw the city of Dubai dividing up into two parts, albeit unconsciously. Bur Dubai has constantly maintained the traditional culture without tainting it with the modern bustling one of the other part, Deira. A tunnel that has the name Al Shindagha connects the two parts of the city.

But mostly, the culture of Dubai is heavily multinational with each visitor from whatever party of the world who goes there leaving a little bit of their culture there. Today, it is the best place where everyone feels at home irrespective of race, color or creed. The official religion of Dubai is Islam, but not everyone who lives there is necessarily Muslim. This is because the Indian and Christians who settled there long ago still maintain their cultures to date. The official language is considered to be Arabic, but to a great extent, everyone speaks what they can, with English being favored more because it is the internationally recognized language of trade.

Foreign languages are taught in schools and of course, their fluency is encouraged; seeing that Dubai is a cosmopolitan city. Generally, the Dubai culture is full of goodwill towards everyone, and it has a uniqueness of its own. Life is indeed colorful. The night life is great, and so far what is amazing in Dubai is that everyone is so different from their neighbor yet they all co-exist peacefully without clashing.

In Dubai, you will find the most devout religionist living in peace with an all night reveler, without clashing. Even in world standards, Dubai is rated as one of the safest places to live in, in today’s world.

The media is free, and what it reports is not filtered. However, some things like drugs and substance abuse are taken very seriously and they are not at all condoned. Alcohol use and sale is controlled where not only do you have to prove that you are of drinking age, but also have to produce a permit that has been issued by the relevant authorities to show that you are permitted to purchase alcohol if you are a resident. Alcohol is not sold to foreigners in liquor shops. On the other hand, in the night life scene, one is allowed to buy liquor in glasses. Crime rates are lowest as compared to other cities in the world. Any misdemeanor by foreigners is treated with utmost suspicion and the culprit is deported promptly and without question.

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