Holidaying in Dubai

The world has never experienced anything else in tourism that came anywhere near Dubai. That is why every honeymooner, man, woman or child who seeks a true vacation is headed to Dubai on the next available trip. The holidaying mood in Dubai starts right the minute that you board one of their flights. In their airline, the service is great and the trip to Dubai is full of promise. In the world, it is the only airline that has so far not been associated with any air crash. For the holiday seekers, the city of Dubai is the dream destination. Here, every culture is catered for in cuisines, living habits and the language.

There is no ultimatum that is placed on languages or religion, and so you are free to be your true self. The good thing; however, is that in Dubai, you are safe. Hardly any crimes are reported. No felonies or muggings that are so common in other major cities of the world are experienced here. You are liberally encouraged to enjoy the night life for as long as you want; only know that you can be deported for public nuisance.

Hotels, villas and condors in the Dubai hotel and tourism sector are the best that you have ever experienced. They are secure, and are made to your taste and fashion. There are first class, second class as well as economy suites. Everyone is cared for. In their boarding, booking and restaurant facilities, you will find multinationals working there. This is because the hotel industry in Dubai is so large that it has to import workers from elsewhere. Chances are, for example that if you are American, you can be assigned an American to serve you. This is what makes Dubai a home away from home. The ruling house of Maktoum has put it into place that every visitor is accorded the respect that they are due because the revenue that they bring is deployed into the development of other sectors like education and medicine.

The cuisine that you will find provided with here will set your palates a fire screaming for more. Every other major dish is catered for here. If you have a taste for seafood, then go and get it there. Marine dishes of all types and forms are here. If you are a vegetarian, then you will not even encounter the aroma of meat anywhere across you. All the tourist destinations are clearly marked with the best organized tour expeditions into the desert. Did you know that you could also ski on the desert sand? Such experiences are only found here. You can visit their great zoos and game parks. While you are at it too, make sure that you get a taste of the Dubai shopping festival as well as the Dubai international film festivals. These are great calendar marks, and you have not seen Dubai if you haven’t watched them. The beaches are great to catch a spot of the sun, but you had better carry that sunscreen because the sun that you desire so much could end up costing you much. Here, the sun is a little on the hot side but it is free.

Granted, Dubai has won the race to emerge as the best holiday destination and everyone’s mind today is fixed on going there at least once in their lifetime. The urge to visit this Jewel of the Arabian Gulf on holiday can only be likened to that of a religious pilgrimage. Everyone wants to be part of the great race to make it there, and all wants to go down in the books of history counted as having visited Dubai in their lifetime.

However, it would be wise for you to book yourself for a holiday in Dubai with a tour company that offers the best tour package. This is why you must get online and get down to the basics with the tour company that will be most useful to. Ask someone who has done it before, and they will tell you that going it alone can be stressful, tiring and costly.

Before you are off to Dubai, remember that there a lot of traveling choices for you, but perhaps you will want to try the cruise ship. This will give you the treat of a lifetime, but at the same time, the plane is faster.

Apart from the Dubai shopping festival and the Dubai international film festival, the two most popular events that are attended by celebrities from all over the world, there are other public holidays whose fervent spirit, vigor and adventure you will want to be part of. These are like the Prophet’s birthday, the Prophet’s ascension as well as Eid al Fitr which are celebrated yearly.

Although they are Muslim in nature and content, they are all the same a good experience for everyone. Christmas and the welcoming of the New Year are done just like elsewhere in the world. But in any case, 365 days in a year, Dubai is one big Holiday for all. Their national day celebration is on 2nd December.

Before you book that holiday, check out whether your country is one of those from whom applications are needed for a tourist visa. Also, see the current visa operations that are currently in use because they change so often. See the rules that they have put down to be followed by visitors during Ramadan and other religious celebrations. Be warned that they are especially strict on this, and you could find yourself in jail for flouting their religious rules.

Dubai is usually too hot during summer; and therefore, you might want to visit during winter in December when the temperature is a little friendly. You can go see the desert or enjoy drives in the city and its environs. You can also be part of the great nightlife because Dubai has the hottest hot spots of the night where you will interact with revelers from all parts of the world. While there, make sure that you taste some of the local cuisine that is to a large extent Arabian. All the same, Dubai is one big fantasy and is your destination if you like the feeling of Alice in Wonderland.

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