Jobs in Dubai

The rush to be a partaker of the Dubai National cake is on. It’s open to people from all nationalities and all walks of life, and there is no reason why you should not be part of it. Dubai so far has got the most lucrative job openings as compared to most other places in the world. This can be attributed to the fact that the city has not seen the end of its liquid gold booms, nor has it come anywhere near the end of its real estate investment.

Add to this its growing popularity as the next best tourist hub the world over as well as a shopping mall for one and all. This has resulted to the rise in job openings that the locals cannot fill. Hence, there are rushes of foreigners to be employed there. Looking for work in Dubai can be easy if you have got the relevant requirements for the job that you seek. It could also be hard depending on the way that you go about it.

Well, the first and the most non-involving method of trying for a job in Dubai is to post your CV on a website that belongs to a job placement or connection agency in Dubai. This way, you will be continuing with your current job back at home waiting to see whether your efforts will bear fruit. Do not by any means quit your job at home before you are assured of one in Dubai. If you work for a company that has interests there, then you could apply for a transfer to Dubai. This could as well be the best way because then all your traveling needs can be catered for by the company, including your accommodation. You can also visit an international jobs agency in your city and tell them you want to be considered for work in Dubai.

At the same time, you could also fly out there on holiday while hunting for work. While there, you can visit companies and employment agencies leaving your prerequisites with them so that they can call you back if anything comes up. Summon up various hotel websites in the city of Dubai and see whether they have listed any job openings there, then apply directly if you are trained in the industry. Try linking up with friends that you know work there so that they can alert you of any opening that arises. On the same note, they can tell their friends about your quest and this way; you will stand a high chance of getting a job.

If you are in college, perhaps studying hotel management, then maybe you could seek to be interned in Dubai. This is a great way of connecting up with a job. It would also be wise for you to know that jobs in the country’ s main industries including catering, the construction, real estate, transportation and telecommunication are in plenty. The only thing that you will require is enough experience for your employer to be able to convince the authorities that you are qualified for the position that you have applied for, so that they can grant the work permit.

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