Shopping in Dubai

Just before you go for that shopping trip in Dubai, perhaps you had better know that because of the city’s low import duty that is placed on virtually all commodities, it has been turned into one big shopping mall. If you are a shopaholic, this is place for you. For starters, they have the Dubai Shopping Festival that is attended by celebrities and people from all walks of life who come to shop there.

During this festival, prices are specially lowered, so that retailing of all commodities is very cheap. The best thing; however, is that in the malls, you can find the biggest brand names in the market that cost exorbitant prices elsewhere. Shopping in Dubai is not only limited to clothing and electronic, but they also have the best offers in automobiles and furniture too. Goods from all parts of the world are found here at very reasonable prices. That is why shoppers are not out for leisure shopping, but they are doing it to stock their shops back at home and make a killing from the many brand names that they will get at low prices in Dubai. But even if not doing for business, shopping is fun there. Hire a car because taxis can be outrageous in charges and a car will allow you all the flexibility that you need to visit as many shopping malls as you want.

While shopping in Dubai, you will want to enjoy bargaining at some of the malls where if you are witty enough, you can get the price of a commodity dropped from very high to reasonable. Bargaining is part of the experience that gives so much satisfaction in shopping there. You will also want to try shopping at the duty free malls and while at it, take part in one of the raffles, and try your lucky hand for a car. Dubai duty free malls are renowned the world over for their pricing as well as the great shopping experience. Many of the departmental stores; however, have fixed prices on their commodities especially electronics, but all the same, they are a great deal.

Apart from the shopping malls and the departmental stores, you can be sure that you do not want to miss the souks experience because it will be something that you will talk about for the rest of your days. Here the best carpets that come from far and near are sold at throwaway prices as well as gemstones and precious metals. The gold street is lined with gold ornaments, bracelets and necklaces that are sold at great bargains. Gold bars are sold on their carat weight rather than their design. There is great food too, vegetable dishes and sea food as well as other great cuisines. You cannot definitely carry the food home but you can entertain your palates. The souks are very colorful indeed and it will also be a great photo opportunity. Shopping begins at around 9.00am up to 1.00pm where they break for prayers and then come back at 2.00pm and proceed up to five. Driving around shopping should be fun; the rule is to keep right.

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